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Ethan Quinn Prentiss, Editor-in-Chief


Find a mistake, and well fix it.

E-QUALITY PRESS was founded in response to all the second-rate ebooks on the market. In our opinion, there is no reason for ebooks to be a poor step-child of print books.

In fact, ebooks should be better than print books. Why? Because they are forever fixable.

If the publisher is willing to fix mistakes whenever they are found, eventually each book should be perfect.

And what publisher states its willingness to continually fix books?


eBook Preparation Division

We do editing, proofreading and formatting work, for anyone from individuals to print publishing companies. 

When we prepare an ebook, we have two sets of customers to consider—the author/publisher, and the reader. It can be impossible to fully satisfy both at the same time, so heres our compromise.


When you, as an author or publisher, send us a book for ebook preparation, our contract is with you, not the reader.  Therefore, we will apply any formatting to the book you desire (and that e-readers are capable of producing), and we will do so perfectly.

It may be that we believe the formatting style youve selected is incredibly ugly.  This rarely happens, and when it does, well give you some alternate suggestions.  But, in the end, if you think your way is best, thats what well do.  You want it, you get it.



We have a contract with the reader, too, which says that this mark:

background logo

guarantees an ebook that is well-formatted and with, at most, an occasional typo.  So if we feel that the formatting style youve chosen is not up to our standards, or if your book is full of typos and you dont want to pay us to fix them, then neither our name nor our logo will appear anywhere in your ebook, and we will not give you permission to use them in any promotions.

(If anyone sees either our name or logo in an ebook with substandard proofreading or formatting, tell us.  Its probably a case of trademark infringement; but whether it is or not, we need to fix it. We cant do that if we dont know about it.)

For more information on our ebook preparation services and how to obtain them, go to Preparation Services.

Publishing Division

Originally, we intended to produce a number of fine classics in impeccable versions (like our version of Kidnapped). However, weve been so busy responding to requests for editorial and formatting work that weve essentially put that part of the company on hold.

If you are particularly interested in seeing us bring out a nice version of one of your favorite books, let us know on the Suggestions page. If enough people show interest in that part of our company, we can turn some of our efforts in that direction.

On the other hand, if youre looking for a publisher for your own book, rather than merely someone who will help you prepare your book for self-publishing, you should know that we are keeping that option open for the future. Should we begin to accept manuscripts, we will add a Writer's Guidelines page to this website.

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Recent Produc­tions

All Dressed in Red by Carol Husa
Casie, running from an abusive lover, is stalked instead by a twisted serial killer who may know more about Casie than she does—or wants to. By Carol Husa.
Ambassador: Changing Fate
The third installment of Patty Jansen's riveting Ambassador series: A huge shipload of ancient Aghyrians is returning, and it looks like they want to take Asto back from the people who live there now.
Avogadro Corp by William Hertling
The first in William Hertling's gripping Singularity series. Excitement turns to fear as the first AI starts manipulating the corporation that produced it.
Ambassador 1: Seeing Red by Patty Jansen
Cory Wilson, while meeting with the president before being sent off to his first ambassadorial post, is lucky enough to survive an explosion which destroys the president's office and kills the president. . . .

Available HERE ONLY

Kidnapped by R. L. Stevenson

Our own preparation of Kidnapped, the classic adventure tale by Robert Louis Stevenson, with numerous footnotes, historical aids, and a glossary for all those Scottish terms.

Some Things Our Cus­tom­ers Have Said About Us

I asked E-Quality Press to re-format most of my books in December. In January, I had my best sales ever. Coin­ci­dence? I don’t think so.

 —Patty Jansen

author of Fire Wizard and others,

<i>Fire Wizard</i> and others,

Ive had the pleasure of working with the people at E-Quality Press on several occasions. Theyve been absolutely wonderful, getting me through the process of trans­form­ing my novels to e-books.

 —Susan Beth Pfeffer

author of The Year Without Michael and others

<i>The Year Without Michael</i> and others

As a greenhorn in the world of electronic books, I couldnt have been in better hands—thanks, E-Quality Press!

 —R.S. Francis

author of Former Day Saint: A Mormoir

<i>Former Day Saint: A Mormoir</i>

E-Quality Press was fanatic about finding every little flaw in my baby . . . in a good way! After several back-and-forths with their line-editing services, Tiger Lily was ten times better.

 —K. Bird Lincoln

author of Tiger Lily and The Garlic Walkers

<i>Tiger Lily</i> and <i>The Garlic Walkers</i>

My book needed an editor able to deal with a technical manuscript using British vocabulary and including aviation jargon. The proof-reading service from E-Quality Press was more than I could have hoped for.

 —Sylvia Spruck Wrigley

author of Why Planes Crash—Case Files: 2001 and The Mystery of Malaysia Airlines Flight 370

<i>Why Planes Crash—Case Files: 2001</i> and <i>The Mystery of Malaysia Airlines Flight 370</i>